What you can expect from a facelift surgery

facelift surgeryTo begin with, the results of the facelift surgery are not instant. In fact it may take some months for the swelling to be completely gone. There will still be some lines on the face due to the incision. The question though is: Once the results do show, what are some of the things one would expect to see?

Facelift surgery for A rejuvenated face

The face will look fresh, rejuvenated and youthful. It is like having a whole new face. The results will last for long, though it is difficult to say how long this will be. One thing for sure however is that exposure to sun and poor diet will affect the positive results.  The sun for instance will damage the skin and you will be back to the surgery room to have another surgery. Stay away from the sun and eat a healthy meal. This will greatly help to extend your rejuvenated face for longer.

Swelling and bruising

Within a month or so after the facelift surgery, the swelling and bruising will disappear and what you will have instead is the physical improvements on the sites where the surgery was carried out.

Facelift Repeat surgery 

It is the expectation of many that the results of the first surgery will be final. This is however not the case as sometimes the best results can only be achieved if a second one is carried out. To optimize the results of the first surgery, the surgeon will recommend that another surgery follows after the first one.

Do not use excessive force

Some patients forget that the operated site is undergoing healing and therefore subject it to unwarranted force during cleaning. This will interfere with the healing process and will ultimately affect the results of the surgery. One should therefore be gentle when handling this site so that the results are at their best when the healing process is over. Abrasion should also be avoided at all cost so that the rejuvenation and youthful appearance can be achieved optimally in the first surgery.


Though one cannot avoid motions touching the site, one should exercise a lot of caution. Friction will greatly affect the healing process and in the process, the results of the facelift surgery will be less than desirable.


The clothing we put on should avoid coming into contact with the wound as much as possible. If for whatever reason   your clothing goes over your head, some bruising will happen and this will not be very good for your surgery results.

In order to get the most optimal results, one is advised to follow the instructions of the surgeon to the letter. There are some dos and don’ts that you will be required to follow.  Failure to do so will affect the final outcome.

Take the medication given, eat right, avoid strenuous exercises and honour all the appointments given by the surgeon.

If post-surgery is followed and monitored, there will be far much better results than if there is no follow up.

Finding a experienced plastic surgeon

When considering about going under the knife or having any type of cosmetic surgery it is very important that you find a qualified plastic surgeon to assure that you have a safe and great outcome. At Sydney cosmetic specialists we have some of the top cosmetic surgeons in Sydney and have performed hundreds of facelift surgeries over the last decade. If you are considering having any type of cosmetic surgery including facelift surgery in Sydney which we specialize in.

We have a number of practices that you can visit which include Parramatta, Broadway and Chatswood.  So be sure to contact us.

Below is a video of Dr Barnouti performing a facelift procedure –

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