Stem cell therapy – A possible alternative to facelift surgery

Stem cell therapy

One of most recent addition to the face lift surgical procedures is   the stem cell facelift surgery. If you are tired of the traditional facelift facelift-alterative-stem-cellssurgery, you would definitely warm up to this latest technique. The question though is: what are the various benefits of the facelift surgery?

Facial Regeneration

Stem cell technology has been around for a few years now and has proven to be rather effective with certain health issues as well as to aid in cosmetic enhancement.  One of the more well known positive effects of this  procedure is the fact that it helps in the generation of new skin cells after the old ones have become old. Stem cells are introduced to the affected areas on the face and since the fat tissues have the regenerative cells, the tissues in the face will regenerate. In the end, you will have a baby face: smooth, shiny and refreshing.

There are now many cosmetic enhancement procedures that are less invasive than traditional facelift surgery. Other types of procedures include dermal fillers, collagen injections, laser resurfacing to name just a few.

Tightens loose skin

When our skin ages, it hangs off the original position. This only serves to make us older than we really are. The skin rejuvenation technique involves re-positioning the skin back to the vertical position before. This way, you will have a tight, more elastic skin for a better, natural appearance.

Stem Cells helps to improve the contours of the body

Do you sometimes wish you could have smooth and slender contours? This is no longer a wish but something that can be realized using this facelift procedure. For a fact, this procedure does not focus on the face but others as well. These include the hips, buttocks and the belly. The additional benefits means that stem cell face lift is one of most preferred for that natural contouring of the body.

Youthful face

We all at one time or another want the full volume, youthful face. This is not possible with the ever aging face. The fat cells not only help with the regeneration; they also help a lot when it comes to plumping up the face. If you had hollow, wrinkle lines or any other lines on the face, the stem cells face lift will readily fill them up for a more youthful appearance.

Natural looking results

face-rejuvenation-with-stem-cellsThe disadvantage that comes with other types of face list surgery is that they tend to cause undue tightness on the skin. The wind tunnel appearance that we see in the people who have undergone through this procedure is as a result of the excessive pulling of the skin. It helps get as natural as possible for the results. This is only possible if you use such methods as the   stem cells face lifting procedure.  This is because volume is added to the skin to fill up the hollow areas; there will be absolutely no need to pull the skin together.

If you are keen to  add more volume to the skin, it is best to use the stem cells face list instead of the traditional face lift surgery.

Smooth skin

One important thing about face lift surgery is that it greatly brings about smooth skin that is free from wrinkles and sagging. Through grafting, the fat from other areas of the body are added to the affected areas. The new cells help to even out imperfection for a more natural looking smooth skin. Try this technique for more fulfilling, natural results. If you have any further questions about stem cell procedures or would like to book an appointment at our facelift Sydney Clinic you can visit our contact us page.



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