Short Scar Lift or Mini Facelift

There are many types of face lift surgeries. One of the most popular is known as short scar facelift. This is a general name for a series of abbreviated surgical operations performed on the face. One perfect example is the one that is carried out at the   temple front of the ear. One notable aspect of this kind of surgery is that it never goes to the back of the ear. There are many   benefits which are associated with this kind of facelift. These are as follows:

Shorter time for surgery

The traditional surgery takes an enormous amount of time. There are several incisions to be made and of course covers extensive areas on the face. The mini facelift is so called because it is far less than the traditional one. In effect, it leads to less time taken to finish the surgery.  This is beneficial in the sense that you will not have to wait for long to have the surgery concluded.

Fewer surgical complications

We have heard cases of bleeding and infections in the traditional facelift. Since this is a mini lift, there are fewer scars made on the face.  In effect, this leads to fewer complications. Most of the surgery goes on very well with fewer or no risks associated with it.

Manipulations and alterations are precise

The surgical operation is highly precise and in fact, one can make all the desired manipulations and alterations desired during the operation which in effect lead to much desired results.

Fewer bruising and swelling

Unlike the traditional facelift surgery, the short scar lift comes with much fewer bruising and swelling. It is minimally invasive and the incisions are fewer. Often, the bruising and swelling are prominently visible after the surgery. You can count on the mini face lift surgery for the incident-free surgery. The  surgery type minimizes all the   risk  of  swelling  or the bruises  which come as a result of  the  use of  safer techniques.

Quick recovery

Ordinarily, the  traditional facelift surgery will take you no less than a month. This is very different from the mini lift surgery which typically takes a week or two. Being able to recover quickly from a surgery is very important, hence the choice for this type of surgery.

Natural appearance is easy to achieve

The traditional face tends to pull back; hence it is harder to get that natural look. On the other hand, you will find that this type of face surgery involves pulling the muscles and tissues up. This is helpful in the sense that you will have better looking results; in fact, you will have a more natural look that you have been looking forward to.

It is cheaper

One main advantage of the short lift facelift is that it is much cheaper than the traditional one. This will mean saving much of the cost that you would definitely have gone to the more costly traditional one.

Long lasting results

The results of this type of surgery usually last typically last up to seven years and a minimum of five years. If you are looking to learn more about any of our facelift procedures than be sure to visit our contact us page.

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