Neck Liposuction

Sydney Plastic Surgery is one of Australia’s best center offering exclusive services to people who desire to look beautiful and younger. We target stubborn problem areas of our customers that persist in spite of a healthy lifestyle and routine. There are many beautiful women who hold an excess fat in their necks and are not able to get rid of it instead of excess dieting and exercise. Therefore, our main work is to firm your lower face and help you look great with a powerful sculpting procedure, generally termed as Neck Liposuction.

Most people might be familiar with liposuction a cosmetic surgery procedure where Dr Barnouti will carefully harvest the fat cells from your neck and will effectively stimulate the contraction of skin preventing skin sag after neck liposuction. It is an enhancement surgical procedure that eliminates the appearance of double chin and offers perfect looking neck area.

We know that neck is the most important part of our body that gives shape to the face and it emphasize on maturity of a person. However, it is also the first part that reflects the signs of aging. It has been studied that fullness of the lower half of the face is associated with aging, so the better the contour of the neck, the younger a person looks. Therefore, if you desire to look younger, fresher and beautiful, then undergoing a Neck Liposuction service will allow you to explore gradual yet definite changes.


Benefits of Neck Liposuction

Loss of excess fat
sculptured neck
younger looks
Facial enhancement
No double-chin appearance

Moreover, it is important to realize that liposuction procedure is not a weight reduction procedure; it rather provides body contouring and sculpting. Therefore, Neck liposuction is a perfect solution for those who wish to improve their appearance and look younger. Sometimes, even younger people have significant fat in their necks making them look older and fatty even in normal weight.

Like many other operations Neck liposuction should also be done with great care by a skilled and qualified Plastic Surgeon. There are several advance techniques nowadays that can easily help you to get surgery done with lesser discomfort and faster recovery period. If you are tired of excess diet and exercise, then our center can help you at this stage.

Total cost for such procedure is $4,900 inclusive of everything. Book a consultation with Dr Barnouti on 1300 002 006 or email us on [email protected]

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