Cheek Augmentation

 Face is an important element in order to represent looks and beauty. Due to age factor, your face may get affected with certain aging signs that diminish youthfulness. To have a younger looking skin, facial features and cheek bone areas people to opt for different types of treatment including:

Fat injection and stem cells transfer
cheek implants with silicone, Gortex or Medpore
PRP (Plasma Rich Protein)
Skin resurfacing with laser (Co2 or Fraxel), Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasions
Augmentation enhancement of cheeks and faces with fillers (such as Hyaluronic Acid, Restylane, Perline, SubQ, Juviderm, Voluma or permanent filler like aquamid,

To discover elegant and timeless beauty is now possible through scientific and technologically advanced treatment methodologies. With the help of Dr Barnouti, Sydney plastic surgeon, you can regain a younger looking cheek bones, face and skin. Your face is mostly affected from the aging signs. To improve facial contour, feel free to contact SYDNEY PLASTIC SURGERY.

We are a renowned Specialist Cosmetic Surgery center with extensive experience in this field. We have a team of most skilled and proficient adepts. The top team of Dr. Barnouti is dedicated to provide the best advanced cosmetic results. We specialize in Cheek Augmentation, facial rejuvenation, cheek implants, face lift, Neck lift, fat transfer and other related services. To execute any surgery, we utilize highest quality tools and equipment.

Following are the reasons that why you should consider our services:-

We provide cheek augmentation surgically and non-surgically.
This treatment will fill out your sunken cheeks and face.
With our innovative and advanced surgical methodologies, we improve your facial contour and skin quality.
More importantly, we treat our patients in an amiable and warm environment for providing utmost comfort.
Our experts will also guide you throughout the surgical or non-surgical process.
Our affirmative consultation will give you clear an understanding on what to expect including costing.

One popular treatment for cheek augmentation is to use fat and stem cells injection that harvested from your body, purified and injected into the face. Moreover, we have a special way for preparation that is maximizing fat survival. This minimally invasive surgery is scar less, takes 45min to perform and produces natural results. The face will be in proportion, you will regain your high cheek bones and your skin will start to shine due to the presence of stem cells and their role in skin rejuvenation. The stem cells along with fatty cells will rejuvenate and stimulate the cheek skin as well as make it younger and shiner. The cost of such surgery is around $3,900 inclusive of everything.

Another method to enhance the cheek is through cheek implants. These can be Medpore, Silicone or Gortex cheek implants. This procedure takes between 1.5 hour to do and will produce instant results. The procedure is performed from inside the mouth so you will have no visible scaring. It will produce nice natural cheek results. The cost of such procedure is between $6,900 – $8,900 depends on the type of implants used.

Injectable cheek fillers, Plasma Rich Protein and skin rejuvenation is another way to rejuvenate the cheek and face area. In this process we fill out the hollow part and depressed cheek areas and rejuvenate the skin.

For experiencing innovative and highly advanced treatment, feel free to contact SYDNEY PLASTIC SURGERY today! We are the best one stop solution of plastic surgery services in Sydney, guided and executed by the experienced professionals. Fix your appointment for cheek enhancement, soft face lift or any other treatment today. Call us on 1300 002 006 or 02-9561 0222.

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