Body surgery

What is body lift?

Many a times due to overweight or due to ageing, our fat deposition sags certain body parts or the body as a whole. The procedure of body lift then helps improve the shape of the skin and upholds those tissues which contain the fats – making you look younger and fit.

In this fast paced lifestyle, we often are left with little choices about what we are to consume. This makes cellulite accumulate in all the wrong places. With the advent of body lifting procedure, now we can get back to the shape that we once were. This is the boon of modern medicine.

What part of the body can this apply to?

Any part of the body that is facing irregularities under the effect of cellulite can be repaired by this method. It includes dimpled skin, fattened areas and the following:

Abdominal fat deposition: It might be around in the local regions of the abdomen or might extend to the back portion.
Buttocks: If it is too low, too fat or if the fat is unevenly distributed in this region, a body lift will help you.
If your groin is too saggy and fallen into the inner thighs, fret not as this is reparable.
Thigh: All areas of the thigh, including posterior, interior, outer or even the thigh’s circumference.

Sagging skin of any part can occur due to a number of factors. Pregnancy, aging, fluctuation in weight, sun light damage are some of the factors that contribute heavily to the sagging of the body parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are body lifts different from liposuction?

A. Liposuction is aimed solely for the removal of excessive fat. Body lift is that and much more. In cases where the body loses its elasticity post removal of excessive fats, body lift comes into play. It enables the body to regain new contours and maintain its elasticity

Q. How much does a body lift cost?

A. Body lift is the most affordable way of getting your shape back. It costs you around $8,000 (approx cost, not exact). As the exact procedures of surgery may vary, thus the prices too vary according to your requirements.

Q. Does body sagging occur only due to deposition of fats?

A. It might not be wise to think that if you are not fat or have not lost weight recently, you are not having any loose tissues anywhere. Most of the times skin sagging occurs due to excess of skin rather than fat deposition. It could also happen after pregnancy.

Quick facts to learn

Body lift can address your stretch mark related issues.
During body lifting, the contours of your body get reshaped, tightened and fat lifted.
Body lift can correct the tethering bands connecting the tissues, hence improving the skin’s elasticity.
Cellulite is in real an issue of the skin, not of fat deposition.
Sagging due to excessive skin formation can be corrected by body lifting.

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