Benefits of facelift surgery

benefits of facelift surgeryThe facelift surgery –also known as rhytidectomy- is a medical procedure that is aimed at minimizing wrinkles as well as age-marks on the skin. Many people who go for the surgery report back how they felt fresher and younger than their pre-surgery. The skin is one of the main beneficiaries to the surgeries.

The face

One of the areas which look rejuvenated is the face. Before the surgery, it will look creased and sunken. Many people appear older than they really are. This is the reason why they opt for the facelift surgery. A successful facelift surgery will bring about the following changes to the skin:

Face Rejuvenation

The skin is rejuvenated. This means that there are new skin cells that are produced. This way, you will have a baby face that is smooth and fresh.

Tension lines are absent

If the surgery goes on successfully, you will not have the tension lines that were previously there. Instead, you will have a smooth face that is appealing to the eyes.

Restoration of volume

The sunken appearance on the face is a result of the fact that there is loss of volume and especially as we age. With the facelift surgery, you will have a full face which is brought about by the increase in the volume in the areas which have sunken over the years.

Looking younger

Many women in particular are concerned about their appearance and as such, will go to any length just to look younger than their years. The facelift surgery guarantees you that in the event it goes on well; you will appear between 10 and 20 years younger than you really are.

Benefit if fat transfer

With the benefit of fat transfer to the affected areas, you will feel rejuvenated as this fat transfer also entails the stem cells. The latter are what lead to a more rejuvenated skin.

Fresh looking

We all want to look and feel young. No other way of doing so other than facelift surgery. When operated on by a highly qualified surgeon, you will be sure to feel and look fresh for a long time. You cannot take it for granted the fact that you will have a new lease of life. It is more like being born again. If you would like to roll back your life to your youthful days, it is perhaps best to take up the facelift surgery.

Self esteem

Is it true that the surgery helps to restore the self esteem? There is some truth in this and especially where one had become a subject of jibes and sneers from colleagues at work. With a rejuvenated skin, you will have your self-esteem and ego uplifted and socially, you are more likely to be more successful.

Job security and promotion

Those who have had successful facelift surgery have admitted that they were able to remain competitive in the job market which is keen to job-hunt for the youth. If you are looking to climb the ladder in your job, then you need to look youthful. This is why it has remained the number one choice surgery for many people today.

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