Look Younger with a Facelift

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the last few decades and in our modern time there is a greater number of individuals that seeking to improve their appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery. Our Sydney facelift clinic has over a decade of experience performing facelifts and we have a number of the best surgeons in Australia. The following article will outline various aspects that can be performed to enhance the face.

Mid-face lift

When we talk about the facelift surgery, we are in effect describing other several types of surgery done on the face. The mid-face lift is one such operation that we are going to focus on. There are usually some lines which connect the nose to the mouth. We call them nose-to-mouth lines and are usually well defined where there are sagging cheeks.


One way these lines are treated is through endoscopy. The surgeon will apply the endoscopy technology to isolate the lines and smooth them out.

Eyelid surgery

Another approach is definitely the eyelid surgery is where blepharoplasty is carried out together with lower lid surgery.  This way, the imperfections in the middle of the face are collected, leaving a smooth mid- face.

The endoscopic surgery is hugely common these days whereby the surgeon uses a probe which resembles a pencil. The latter is in turn connected to a small camera. The camera enables the surgeon to see the internal features of your face. It has innumerable benefits which include among others:


If you are thinking that you need a complete makeover on your face than it is not complete without a nose surgery also known as Rhinoplasty and many of the people in the movie industry have had this procedure. The procedure requires a surgeon that is skilled and has a lot of experience for you to have a good outcome.

Ability to reach inaccessible areas

The central third of the face is not ordinarily easy to reach using the conventional areas of the face. This could perhaps explain why one has to undergo several repeat procedures. However, you can have the confidence of this procedure aided by the camera to carry out extensive but effective surgery.

Natural appearance

You will find that the appearance of the results of the surgery you undertake will largely depend on the type of the facelift surgery you adopt. You can count on this type of surgery to give you a natural-looking due to the   vertical lifts and the adjustments done horizontally.


When it comes to the facelift surgery of this type, precision is everything and this explains why the endoscopic face lift is preferred over the traditional one. It makes use of fine instruments.

Reduced scarring and face lift surgery

The traditional facelift surgery tends to cause a lot of scarring. The same cannot be said on the endoscopic face lift which means less scarring. The scars are usually less visible and in some cases, you will not see them once they are healed. The use of the precision instruments aids in minimizing the scarring.

Saves on time

Traditional face lift tends to cause a lot of scarring. This is because of the method employed to even out the imperfections. On the other hand, you will find that this technique is quick, thus time saving.

Quick recovery

One thing about this type of facelift surgery is that you will be able to recover within a shorter time than if you had a traditional face lift .it involves less incisions and this explains why you will have less time taken to heal.

Lowered risks

We all know the inherent risks which come with the traditional facelift. The endoscopic face lift has reduced risks such as bleeding and the infections. There is reduced risk owing to the fewer incisions and the use of the advanced techniques.

At Sydney Cosmetic Specialists we offer a very high level of post operative care and we pride ourselves on our great reputation. If you are considering having any form of cosmetic enhancement than be sure to contact us to book an appointment.

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