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At Sydney cosmetic specialists we perform a full range of cosmetic procedures to help you achieve the appearance that you desire. We have some of the best plastic surgeons in Sydney and offer very affordable prices.

Based in Sydney, our clinic is committed to provide the highest standards of patient care and world class facial surgical techniques. Trust only plastic surgery specialists to produce a natural appearance and safe surgery. You can have a fresh look with minimal down time with a variety of services we provide. At Facelift Sydney you can be assured of a great outcome.

We offer an extensive range of facial cosmetic surgery, wrinkle injection, wrinkle fillers, micro fat graft, nano fat graft, SNIF procedure (Sharp Needle Intradermal Fat injection), soft face lift, mini face lift, SMAS lift and neck lift.

Deep plane facelift benefits

One of the best facelift surgery procedures has got to be the deep place facelift. This is the procedure of choice for those who are looking for any of the following:

Face Lift

Face Lift

  • Correction of deep sagging
  • Correction of laxity in the facial tissues
  • Lift that is long lasting

As you will reckon, this surgical operation has many benefits. These are as discussed below:

Improves facial features

The nasal labial and the cheek are some of the features which receive a most dramatic ‘lift’. This way you will have better looking  facial appearance.

Advanced and natural

If you are looking for the best results, then you have to invest in the most advanced techniques like this one. This basically means that you will have better results in the cheek and the nasal labial fold.

Reverses the signs of aging

If you have been aging superbly fast, sometimes you feel helpless as other techniques seem to do little to stop it. The deep plane lift works magic by dissecting the SMAS layer. This way, you will have the respective layers pushed backward and forward.

Works on more than one facial feature

Unlike other facelift procedures which are limited in terms of  the areas  they improve, this one has particularly been  found to help a lot and especially when it comes to   the neck area as well as the jowls . If the cheek pads, ligaments and muscles require some bit of ‘lifting’ you can count on this surgical procedure to help improve on this area.

Youthful appearance

It is the desire of each one of us to have the heart shaped appearance typical of the youthful exuberance. The deep plane lift seems to promise a lot in this direction.

Repositions and lifts the SMAS

Though there is no consensus as of yet on which one between the two techniques  is superior to the other, the deep plane lift  is viewed more favourably in the sense  in that by repositioning the  SMAS for better facial expressions such as smiling, frowning and so on.

Longer results

Put at par with SMAS, it is perhaps better to say that they results are equally long lasting, if not better. This assertion will however depend to a large extent on the training, skills and the experience of the surgeon carrying out the surgery.


The incisions are less visible

As it is an advanced procedure, the incisions made on the hairline are so inconspicuous to the extent that separating the fatty tissue and the muscles is least noticeable. The surgeon is thus able to lift and reposition them with much ease.


Commonly performed facelift surgery in Sydney

Other commonly performed facial procedures in our clinic are neck double chin liposuction, blepharoplasty, brow lift, buccal fat pad, laser resurfacing, fractional laser, chin and cheek implants, thread lifts, PRP, acne scaring, otoplasty and fat stem cells fillers.

We offer twilight sedation or general anaesthesia for most of our cosmetic surgical procedures. Generally facial surgery can be performed as a day only or overnight stay in hospital with very personalized service and recovery in the comfort of specialised nurses.

Confidence is your greatest beauty asset and we can help you make the right decision for your wellbeing and lifestyle. We are committed and dedicated in providing you with a world class and latest advancement in facial cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

If you looking to have a facelift in Sydney than be sure to contact us and speak to one of our friendly staff to book in for an appointment.


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